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Welcome to 

Nhazama Tribal Designs!

Here you will find information on the tribal goodies that have become a bit of

an obsession with me! Unfortunately, I have a "real job" too, so don't find nearly enough time to work on the costuming! But I doooo love it! 

I make Tribal/Fusion coin bras; Cowry falls; Floral clips and Headpieces. Take a look at my "Photos AKA Shiny Bits" page to see what is available! Please note, for 100% accuracy (as I don't always get the time to update these pages) go directly to my Etsy Store! That is always accurate as anything sold, no longer shows available for sale. 

Please also take a moment and "like" my Facebook page! I always post pics of brand new items there first, so you'll get Facebook notifications. 

Product Testimonials, yeah, a bit of tooting my own proverbial horn ;) Some wonderful comments that have been posted from former customers about items they've purchased. Please be aware, I take GREAT pride in the quality of my items, so these testimonials really mean a lot to me.  

But will it FIT me? THIS is the page you have to visit if you're thinking of purchasing one of my custom bras. ALL of my bras will have an A, B,  and C measurement. You must compare one of your own to the one you're thinking of purchasing . . . I'm blathering, just go to the page! LOL 

The Care & Feeding of bras page has some great information on how to care for this treasured jewel! Hair Fall care tips is similar in regards to giving you some great tips on how to truly care for them. 

How to wear Floral Clips is a page that is meant to give ideas! Short or long hair, floral clips can really add to your costumes finished look, remember, it's in the details, right?! 

My Sistahs in Dance is a link to our Tribal troupe here in the city, THE BESTEST women that have ever stepped on a dance floor. Okay, I'm a little biased . . . 

Related Links and Contact Me, well, are pretty self-explanatory! 

So again, welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my goodies, maybe learn something along the way, or get inspired to costume up! 

Happy dancing, girl, happy dancing . . .